There are currently no major incidents or emergencies at Rapid City Regional Airport

Scheduled Emergency Drill: September 11, 2023 from 4-7PM

Rapid City Regional Airport will conduct its full-scale emergency exercise on Monday, September 11th, from 4:00 PM to 7:00 PM. To conduct this drill, an airplane simulator will be used to facilitate a live burn. The exercise scenario will include a commercial aircraft with a fuel fire and reported passenger injuries on the airport taxiway. The airplane simulator is a resource used among 120 airports nationwide to conduct training and adds a tremendously realistic component to the exercise for the responders and volunteers involved.

This emergency exercise will collaborate with ARFF (Airport Rescue and Firefighting) specialists who provide hands-on training to firefighters and airports nationwide. Multiple emergency agencies and vehicles will participate, including over 80 community volunteers.

The decision to select September 11th as the date was made after carefully considering the availability of necessary resources to support emergency services effectively. The availability of ARFF specialist trainers and committed community volunteers who want to offer their invaluable assistance in remembrance of this day influenced this decision.

"It is truly heartwarming to witness the outpouring of support from community volunteers who wish to remember the day by taking an active role in assisting firefighters and emergency response personnel," said Toni Broom, Airport Deputy Director of Finance and Administration. "Emergency response involving aircraft can vary in many ways from other large-scale emergencies, and we sincerely appreciate the support from the community and partner agencies on this exercise."

 Airport Rescue and Firefighting Section Chief Neill Goodart commented, "As members of the fire service, we understand the magnitude of this day in history, and we take pride in training on 9/11. These exercises ensure we maintain the highest level of skill in case of an emergency, honoring our fallen brothers and sisters' service." Rapid City Regional Airport is certified by the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) to operate as a public-use airport with

scheduled passenger service. To maintain this certification, the FAA requires that the airport conduct a full-scale emergency exercise every three years. The entire incident-command system will be part of the exercise.