On March 1, 2024, Rapid City Regional Airport (“KRAP”) will transition to using PLANEPASS® for landing fees. PLANEPASS® is a purpose-built aircraft billing solution from Vector Airport Systems (“Vector”) for billing and accounts receivable management. Vector’s PLANEPASS® team will bill and manage all payments for KRAP’s landing fees incurred March 1, 2024, and thereafter.

Vector will send invoice(s) in April for March’s billable landing fee activities and all billable activities thereafter to the aircraft’s operator or management company.  

For more information on making payments and to update your billing contact information, please visit Vector’s self-service portal at https://payment.planepass.com. If you need to contact Vector, please use billing@vector-us.com or call 1-888-588-0028 x700 or Opt 01. Vector has an in-house, US based customer service staff who are always available

Monday through Friday, 9am EST to 5pm EST, excluding most US federal holidays, the Friday after US Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve.

General Aviation

General Aviation (GA) is a vital component of the Rapid City Regional Airport.

GA is comprised of all aircraft traffic that is not commercial airlines or military aircraft. The Rapid City Regional Airport welcomes new development in the general aviation area of the airport. The following documents include applications, policies and procedures related to new construction and leasing:

General Aviation at Rapid City Regional Airport

Fixed Base Operator


Westjet Air Center, Inc.

Full Service FBO - Full-Service Fuel, Pilot Lounge, TieDowns, Hangars, Catering, Oxygen, Airframe and Powerplant Repair

Medical Aviation Services

Medical Air Transport

Medical Air Rescue Company



Plane Training, LLC

Flight school, pilot lounge, training and aircraft rental


Rapid Fuel

Avionics, Self-Serve Fuel, Pilot Lounge, Tie Down

Dale Aviation

Aircraft Maintenance, Avionics,

Air Ambulance, Pilot Services, Aircraft Management

General Aviation Advisory Committee

The Airport Board and Staff have worked with the General Aviation community to create a General Aviation Advisory Committee (GAAC). The GAAC is a communication conduit for General Aviation (GA) stakeholders to exchange information, solicit opinions, gather ideas, and generate vision for the future of Rapid City Regional Airport.

The GAAC works in partnership with the Airport Board and staff to promote GA activity that is in compliance with federal, state and local regulations. The GAAC provides recommendations on airport capital improvement plans and projects, changes to primary guiding documents, administration policy, and other General Aviation-related issues, projects or plans

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