Thank You to Board Member: Shawn Gab

Thank You to Board Member: Shawn Gab

Rapid City Regional Airport Board of Directors

Shawn Gab

August 2014 - May 2022

A special thank you to Rapid City Regional Airport board member, Shawn Gab who completed his term in May 2022.

Since 2014, Shawn has provided invaluable perspective and we’re grateful for his time and hard work.

Shawn Gab is the owner of Tri-Tech Manufacturing, an aerospace design, engineering and manufacturing company in Rapid City. He formerly served as a design engineer for Boeing Commercial Aircraft Group and holds a commercial pilot’s license with Single Engine Land and Single Engine Sea designations.

Additionally, Shawn is a lifetime member of the national Aircraft Owners & Pilot Association, lifetime member of the national Experimental Aircraft Association, member of the national Air Safety Foundation, state member of the SD Pilots Association, and a local member of the Experimental Aircraft Association Chapter 39.