Sunflower Program


July 25

Rapid City Regional Airport Adopts the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower Program

Rapid City Regional Airport is proud to be the first location in

the Dakotas to join the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower program.

The program aims to assist those traveling with invisible

disabilities who may need extra patience, care, and explanation during their travel experience. These invisible disabilities may include autism, epilepsy low vision or hearing loss, PTSD, dementia, asthma, chronic pain, brain injuries, and more. Airport staff within the terminal building will be trained

on how to recognize and engage with these passengers.


The Sunflower network is recognized across a broad range of sectors - ranging from retail, financial services, and transport including over 200 airports, travel and tourism, education, government, as well as healthcare, emergency service, and entertainment. 

“We are committed to providing a safe environment with high-quality services and facilities for guests of all abilities,”

said Patrick Dame, Executive Director of Rapid City Regional Airport. “We are proud to introduce the Sunflower network to the Dakotas as we continue to make strides in accessibility and inclusion."

Free Hidden Disability Sunflower lanyards will be

located at the parking office on the terminal main floor. No documentation is required for those requesting the Sunflower lanyard.

Participation is voluntary, and passengers do not need to disclose the nature of their disability. Wearing a lanyard does not guarantee fast tracking through security or any preferential treatment. Passengers will still be required to

arrange special assistance with their airlines and TSA.