Dillon the Therapy dog aims to relieve stress for airport passengers

 Whether you missed your flight or it got delayed, sometimes even if you’re right on time, flying can be a stressful experience.

Meet the Rapid City Regional Airport’s newest employee, Dillon.

He’s a certified therapy dog. His job is to help passengers feel less stressed by his soft fur and warm presence.

The Rapid City Regional Airport is teaming up with members of Rapid City and surrounding area trained animal handlers to enhance the airport passenger experience in a “pawsitive” manner by relieving stress and anxiety with visits from these “furry friends!” 

Therapy animals are trained to interact with a variety of people while they are “on-duty” including petting the therapy animal. Their roles are to create a relaxed, friendly atmosphere. Therapy animals under this program meet set national standards from programs such as the Alliance of Therapy Dogs to be certified, registered, and actively enrolled to participate in the program.

Dillon’s handlers are Kathie and Daniel Brusseau. They try to visit the airport at least twice a week.