Rapid City Regional Airport Ground Transportation Program

Step 1

Review Program Documents

Step 2

Apply for a Permit

What is a Ground Transportation Program?

An airport ground transportation policy is designed to ensure the safe, efficient, and orderly movement of passengers and vehicles and maintain a high standard of customer service.

The program will be developed in collaboration with stakeholders such as ground transportation companies and local authorities to create a framework that meets the needs of all parties involved.

An airport ground transportation program will cover several key areas:

Permits and Licensing: The program outlines the procedures for ground transportation providers to obtain necessary permits and licenses to operate within the airport. This includes background checks, insurance coverage, and compliance with local regulations.

Access and Vehicle Rules: The program defines access points, designated pickup and drop-off areas, and traffic flow patterns within the airport. View the Ground Transportation Island Exhibit

Safety and Security: The program includes measures to ensure the safety and security of passengers and airport facilities. This may include background checks for drivers, vehicle maintenance standards, and adherence to security protocols. It may also outline procedures for reporting and handling any safety or security incidents.

Customer Service and Quality Standards: The program may establish service standards for ground transportation providers, including requirements for driver behavior and the cleanliness of vehicles.

Fees: The policy will outline the fee structure between the airport and ground transportation providers.

Sean Henderson Rapid City Regional AIrport Ground Transportation Supervisor

Sean Henderson

Ground Transportation Supervisor



June 27, 2023

2:30 PM MST

City of Rapid City Council Hall Chambers, 300 6th Street in Rapid City, SD

An open-house public meeting to discuss the airport’s ground transportation program.

Who is impacted by the proposed program?

Commercial Ground Transportation Companies including, but not limited to: Taxi Services, Limo Services, Shuttle Services, Rideshare Services.

Why does Rapid City Regional Airport need a program?

Passenger Benefit: An airport ground transportation program can significantly impact airport operations. One of the primary benefits is improving the passenger experience. A well-planned program can reduce wait times, alleviate traffic congestion, and enhance overall accessibility, resulting in a more enjoyable travel experience for passengers.

Fiscal Self-Sustainability: To receive Federal funding, airports must make an effort to demonstrate their ability to generate revenue and cover operating costs. Equitable fees allow the airport to recover a portion of costs for providing, operating, and maintaining facilities benefitting Ground Transportation companies.

Security: A program can promote safety and security by ensuring that only authorized ground transportation operators are allowed to conduct

business on airport property. This can reduce the risk of accidents and help to maintain a secure environment for passengers and airport personnel.

Increased Capacity: As Rapid City Regional Airport grows consistently in passenger enplanements, smaller regional jets are replaced with larger planes with passenger capacities of over 180 passengers. When a large number of guests are utilizing the curb simultaneously, there may be potential for congestion.

Small Vehicles (1-6 passengers) = $2 per trip

Shuttles (7-15 passengers) = $4 per trip

Buses (16+ passengers) = $1.50 per passenger

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