Rapid City Regional Airport Ticket Counters



Provides support to Rapid City Regional Airport for terminal expansion.

SB148 provides support for an airline terminal expansion at the Rapid City Regional Airport.

This project will fix issues that have been in existence since 9-11. The airport requesting $15 million from the State of South Dakota.

Airline Ticket Counters

This renovation allows flexibility for additional airlines

and adds mobile check-in kiosks.

• We are nearly out of counter space, which translates to an inability to accommodate new airlines interested in serving the Black Hills.

• Expedites ticketing process and provides queuing space.

TSA Checkpoint Screening

Project will address inefficiencies at the TSA security checkpoint.

• Current screening area is on a slope. New TSA screening

equipment requires flat platform to operate.

• Checkpoint is at maximum capacity during summer

months. A minimum of one additional lane is required

to meet current demand.

Baggage Screening

Project will add a conveyor system to support baggage handling operations.

• Existing passenger baggage handling system is labor intensive and at capacity.

• Baggage is often carried by hand over 100’ to carts due to extreme congestion. This is hazardous for employees, and inefficient.

• RAP has not updated baggage screening devices after 9-11. The devices still sit in the lobby behind the ticket counters creating efficiency and security issues for the airport and TSA.

Positive Partnership

This funding demonstrates ongoing state participation, prompting attention from the Federal Aviation Administration.

• On major projects such as RAP terminal the FAA

considers support from City, State, and other

sources as representative of broad support and

likely success of the project.

• No State support may cause FAA to limit or pass

on funding a project of this size.

Bill Supporters

David Johnson (primary)

Jessica Castleberry

Larry Zikmund 

Becky Drury 

Eric Emery

Dennis Krull

Jess Olson

Peri Pourier

South Dakota Airport Managers Association

Elevate Rapid City

Visit Rapid City

South Dakota Visitor Industry Alliance

Why Terminal Expansion?

In 2022 Rapid City Regional Airport moved up to a small hub category. When the terminal was built in 1989, RAP had only 160K enplanements. Current projections have RAP at over 514K enplanements in 2029.

The facility requires an update to continue to operate. Back of house areas are typically ineligible for federal funding.

Learn About the Project

This bill addresses phase one of a three phase project.