Masks Required

Federal mandate now requires facial

coverings in all airports and are required by all of our air carriers for air travel.

Airport Frequently Asked Questions

Proof of vaccination is not currently required for domestic travel to Rapid City Regional Airport.

There are currently no quarantine requirements in South Dakota for inbound travelers.

We encourage all airport users to practice personal responsibility and social distancing while visiting the Rapid City Regional Airport (RAP).

Additional Covid-19 Prevention Measures:

In addition to our regular cleaning schedule, we have implemented a very robust cleaning program that includes continuous cleaning and disinfecting of all areas in the terminal during normal operating hours. This includes all high touch points such as handrails, door handles, elevator call buttons, hold room seating areas, trash bins, water fountains, etc.

Other elements of our program include:

  • Overnight UVC treatment using state-of-the-art contact-less sterilization equipment effectively killing viruses, germs, bacteria, fungi & more
  • Escalator handrails continually sanitized with UVC treatment
  • Bipolar Ionizer Air Purification System Installed
  • Messaging promoting wearing of face coverings

There is no COVID-19 testing available at the airport.