Developing the Future of South Dakota Airports



Provides funding for major airport infrastructure projects, and assures pavement meets Federal Aviation Standards and aeronautical

operations can continue safely.



SB158 is a Bill to make an appropriation to provide funding for major infrastructure projects to support South Dakota airports.

In the Great Lakes Region, South Dakota receives the lowest overall amount of federal funds. Infrastructure is not currently keeping pace to maintain airport facilities.

Currently, South Dakota airports in the state have some considerable needs for pavement maintenance, building improvements, and safety equipment. For pavement maintenance alone, $44.4 million annually is needed for the next decade. That is $15 million more, on average, than what is spent annually today. This does not include necessary equipment, buildings and other projects.

This bill would appropriate $20 million to be used for projects that are safety related, equipment for mowing or snow removal and pavement rehabilitation and construction for runways, taxiways, and arrival and departure buildings (terminals).  The funding would go to the Department of Transportation.

Cost Saving

When pavement deteriorates, the cost of

rehabilitation varies. Maintaining and preserving

a pavement in good condition vs. rehabilitating

pavement in fair to poor condition is

four to five times less expensive and increases

pavement useful life.

Positive Partnership

This funding demonstrates ongoing state participation, prompting attention from the Federal Aviation Administration.

North Dakota implemented a similar program with great success for every $1 the State is spending they are receiving $3 in return in Federal Funds.

Who Supports this Bill?

Rapid City Regional Airport

Sioux Falls Regional Airport

South Dakota Airport Managers Association

Visit Rapid City

South Dakota Visitor Industry Alliance


Senator Jack Kolbeck

Senator David Johnson

Who Benefits?

South Dakota has 55 publicly-owned airports which equates to 57,830,727 square feet of pavement. Funding will be distributed by the Department of Transportation based upon urgency and impact of the project.

How is need assessed?

South Dakota Department of Transportation conducts a Pavement Condition Index every three years.

The PCI rates the surface condition of pavement on a 0-100 scale.

The SD Commercial Service Airports are only considered in fair condition, indicating immediate action.